Monday, 14 November 2016


Boom! Pow! Colourful fireworks exploding in the night sky,

Curly, whirling, straight and short,
Fireworks shooting high like a star in the midnight sky,

People screaming with joy in their eyes,

Children jumping up and down with excitement waiting for the firework to blow,

Sparkles sizzling down the stick then disappearing slowly,

          Flabbergasting colours for everyone to enjoy,

   Booming and crackling sounds coming from above,

Bright lights in different unexplainable shapes and sizes,

Pets being terrified by banging sounds,

Guy Fawkes is indeed a night of beautiful and colourful magic whizzing by!!!

By Katie - 2016

My Reflection
WALT: use 5 language features in our firework poem.
I was able to use , onomatopoeia, punctuation and interesting words.
Next time I will use similes and other language features

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