Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Maths Evidence - Term 3

WALT: use pvp to solve subtraction problems.
I was able to solve subtraction problems using pvp because I know
my place value.
Next time I want to solve harder subtraction problems with decimals using pvp.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Reading Evidence - Porridge Term 3


Walt : locate relevant information in order to infer ideas and information that is not directly stated in the text “Porridge”.

I was able to locate specific information in the questions to help me look for clues, about where I needed to search in the story.

I found it tricky to answer some of the questions but I found the other ones easy to answer. 

Next time I need to practice finding my answers.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Letter to Mrs Plowright

Wednesday 27th July 2016

Mrs Plowright
Elm Park Primary School
46 Gossamer Drive

Dear Mrs Plowright

I am writing to you because I think holidays are necessary and that they should stay.  If children and teachers work for most of the year they would get stressed because their brains would be too full of knowledge, don't you agree?

My first opinion is that if you have families in other countries you would never be able to visit them because some countries are too far away for you to travel in just a weekend. Surely if you had family in another country you like to visit them, am I right?

Secondly, I think we need holidays too let our tiny brains have a rest from learning. If they didn't students might get really stressed because they have missed out on a longer holiday.

Last but not least, I think we should have holidays because if you were going away for a while you wouldn't be able to stay long.  If it was far away you would want to stay for a few days but as soon as you got there you would have to to pack up and go back home.

I hope I have persuaded you to keep the 2 weeks holidays going for our school!!!!

Yours faithfully

My Reflection
WALT: Write a letter to persuade Mrs Plowright to keep school holidays
I found it difficult fo think if three ideas to write for the reasons of why we should keep school holidays.
I found it easy to think of some persuasive words to add to my letter.