Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Features of a non-fiction text

Features of a non-fiction text

What is a content page?
A content page is where it tells you what's in the book.

What is an index?
An index is like a contents page but it is in alphabetical order.

What is the glossary?
A glossary tells you what a word means.

What is a diagram?
A diagram is a picture with labels.

Why are photographs mainly in the non-fiction book?
They are in the book most because they are real life pictures.

What is a map?
A map shows you different directions.

My Reflection

I was learning about the features of a non-fiction books.
It was tricky to know where the glossary and index were at first.
I am proud that I finally understood how the glossary and index can help you look for things.
Next time I will read and use this knowledge in other non-fiction books.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


I was learning to recognise fractions of shapes and groups.
I found it tricky to know what number was the numerator and which was the denominator.
I am proud that I learnt about halves and quarters. 
Next time I will use bigger numbers when I do more fractions.