Friday, 30 October 2015

Author Bias

My Reflection

I was learning about author bios.
I found it easy to write my article.
I found it tricky to think of a topic.
My next step is to make more articles.

Term 4 Week 3


I had an awesome weekend.

First at 12.30 Schapelle came to my house for a sleepover. First we went outside to do some gymnastics but it was still kinda wet so we only stayed out there for a few minutes.So anyway when we came back inside we had some lunch then we played mine craft on our tablets for a little while.

Then it was dinner time we had lasagna my favorite! My mum is the best at making it. We went back in my room and danced to our favorite songs Trap queen,711,watch me whip,what do you mean and last but  not least wildest dreams. We went to my next door neighbors house and played on the trampoline with her.

After that we came back home and had some chocolate ice-cream. We had to have an early night because we were watching the rugby in the morning. I was so excited.When we went to get ready for bed we talked for a little while.We were asleep after a really long time we can never get to sleep when we have had so much fun.

In the morning I woke up and saw my mum sitting of my bed she woke me up at 3.00 for the rugby semi final. We had chocolate mint biscuits they are yum Schapelle and I also had a hot chocolate. It was not that interesting just to admit it was actually quite boring. In the middle of the game Macy my little sister ran in to the lounge. The dogs were still in there cages sleeping and the funny thing is we let the cats in and cuddled them poor dogs LOL!!! But the good part was we WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My whole family and Schapelle  were SOOOOOO happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Sunday I went to Schapelles house for the night but the best day of the weekend was Monday it was laybour day and Schapelles Mum was taking us to JUMP! we had so much fun we did so many flips into the foam pit. We had so much fun I wish it never ended.

My nana