Friday, 12 February 2016

All about me

All About Me
                       A Skilled Biker.
A Pet Keeper.
A PE Monitor .
An Awesome Hip Hop Dancer.
A Clever Fantasy Reader.
A Caring Sister.
A Lovely Daughter.
A Loud Singer.
A Great Camper.
A Narrative Writer.
A Fantastic Flipping Trampoliner.
A Fast Swimmer.
A  Long Chatter.
A Rocking Music Listener.

I have written a Kennings Poem about me so that other people in the class got to know more information about me.  In our poem we brainstormed different ideas about ourselves.

I was able to use interesting adjectives to describe myself and follow a structure by starting each sentence with a and an.

Next time I am going to use more year 6 quirky words eg. chatter